Vinyl Replacement Windows

Today’s Replacement Windows Are Both Smart And Beautiful. When it comes to curb appeal, comfort, energy efficiency and maintenance, the most important features of any home are the windows.

Not only will new vinyl replacement windows give your home a major facelift, they will cut your energy costs dramatically and keep you more comfortable year-round. 

We are proud to carry quality NorthStar replacement windows, built to exceed industry standards and available in casement, single hung, double-hung, slide, awning, bow, bay, picture and custom window types.

How Our Windows are Made

Discover Energy Saving Innovation In New Window Technology.

Replacement vinyl windows can significantly lower your energy bills year-round. Depending on the replacement window you choose, you’ll enjoy a host of energy-saving features including:

ENERGY STAR rating indicates the window is among the most energy efficient products available and meeting strict criteria for energy performance. 

Low-E Glass near-invisible coating allows maximum light while reducing the amount of heat lost. In winter, Low-E glass reflects heat back to your interior and in summer it keeps the sun’s heat out. Because both your furnace and AC work more efficiently, you’ll enjoy lower heating bills in winter and lower cooling bills in the hottest months. 

Insulated glass units (IGU), placed on the warm side of the building envelope or interior wall of your home, reduce condensation and provide greater comfort.

Enjoy Greater Comfort and Quiet Year-Round.

Nothing is worse than a drafty, cold house in harsh winter weather and freezing temperatures, unless it’s the excessive and exhausting heat and humidity of a heat wave in mid-summer. If you’re constantly adjusting your furnace or air conditioning to keep up it’s hard on your equipment and your budget. Replacement windows can make a major difference, keeping you and your family more comfortable 12 months a year.

Noise nuisance can come in many forms, whether it’s traffic, loud neighbors, barking dogs or nearby construction. The manufacturing technology of new replacement windows creates a stronger seal and spacer innovation that helps block out unwelcome sounds to keep your home quiet and peaceful when the outside world turns up the volume.

A Fresh New Look Will Transform Your Home’s Exterior

Replacement windows make a major design statement. And you’ll find a host of styles to complement your home’s architecture, period and exterior features. What’s more, vinyl outperforms other building materials when it comes to wear and color protection.

Save Money with Replacement Windows

Painting, cleaning, caulking old windows is one of a homeowner’s most expensive and time-consuming chores. With replacement windows you can say goodbye to peeling, pitting, rotting, cracking, and corroding thanks to the high performance and long-lasting durability of vinyl.

Storm Windows

Not quite ready to replace your current prime windows? If your current windows have a good tight fit, operate smoothly and lock properly, new storm windows can measurably increase their insulation value and provide a tight seal to keep outside air from getting in. 

We are a Foxwel Storm Windows supplier and offer energy-smart storm windows for every window type.

Built For Optimum Performance.

Replacing old, damaged and missing storm windows with high performance new ones will help provide an extra barrier against break-ins, severe weather, outside nuisance noise cold and heat. You’ll want your storm windows to be fully functional to allow for better ventilation and increased airflow. That’s why we offer the best, with a host of hardworking features including:
Main frame made from the finest heavy-duty aluminum extrusions.
Heli-arc weld all four corners together. Welding the main frame corners provides for the strongest possible bond.
Main frame pre-treated and powder coated.
Polyurethane coating.
Notched multiple locking positions for the glass and screen inserts.
Three Track Windows available in Double Hung, Slider, Oriel, or Cottage type and come with mill or one of 17 powder coated colors.

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