Whether they are aluminum or fabric, fixed or retractable, for doors or for windows – awnings offer a multitude of aesthetic, comfort, energy and protection benefits.

5 Great Reasons


Keep Doors And Window Areas Dry

Awnings protect your wood doors, door casing, and window frames against water and precipitation damage. And they keep the rain from seeping in and damaging window sills on open windows.


Reduce Cooling Costs

Awnings can lower your cooling bills in summer by blocking solar heat gain through window panes and glass door inserts and sidelites. As a result, your AC doesn’t need to work as hard to keep your home comfortable and that translates into lower energy costs.


Protect Your Interior Features And Furniture

Awnings also help protect your interior flooring, window treatments, carpeting and furniture by lessening the amount of damaging UV light entering your home. Harsh direct sunlight can fade colors and damage items in the interior of your home.


Accent Your Exterior

Awnings add major curb appeal. The wide variety of colors, materials and prints create charming accent notes to any exterior. And a more appealing exterior adds extra perceived value.


Make The Great Outdoors Part Of Your Living Space

Awnings extend your living space providing the shade and comfort you want in an outdoor area used for entertaining or relaxing. The more comfortable the space is the more often you’ll use it.

Aluminum Awnings

All of our aluminum awnings are built in our shop to your home’s specifications. We take great pride in the fact that we meet the highest manufacturing standards and are the only aluminum awning manufacturers in the area. Since we make them ourselves we are able to assure outstanding craftsmanship and superior product performance.

Our awnings are manufactured from baked-on enamel aluminum and assembled with stainless steel screws to assure a non-rust surface. Available in a variety of popular colors, they provide beauty, protection and value for any home.

Aluminum Door Awnings

Our aluminum door awnings add a burst of color and style while protecting your doorway from rain, precipitation and harsh, damaging sun. You can coordinate our aluminum door awnings with matching window awnings for a fresh, customized look that will make your home’s exterior a showpiece.

Traditional aluminum door awnings are manufactured to your home’s specifications.
And the heavy duty extruded aluminum frame work is complemented by a reinforced center, mullows and built-in front rain gutter that all come standard.

Stainless steel assembly and installation hardware for our aluminum awnings are available in 13 different baked on enamel paint finishes for a variety of choices. Custom widths are up to 180” in 1” increments and awnings project from 24” to 60”. Installation is permanent so you never need to bother with the expense of putting awnings up and down.

Aluminum Window Awnings

Window awnings have a major impact on your home’s appeal and energy costs. They stop solar heat gain through window panes for increased energy efficiency, decreased costs and a cooler interior - reducing your summer cooling costs by up to 29%. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, window awnings can reduce solar heat gain in the summer by up to 65% on south-facing windows and 77% on west-facing windows.

Awnings protect your interior fabrics, flooring and furniture from the fading and damage caused by UV light. And they reduce damage caused to windows in the nastiest weather. Pair window awnings with a matching door awning for a neat, tailored look. And enjoy the increased home value you’ll realize as a result.

Our heavy duty extruded aluminum frame work is complemented by a reinforced center, mullows and built in front rain gutter that all come standard. Hardware is standard and available in 13 different baked-on enamel paint finishes. Custom widths are up to 180” in 1” increments and fit window heights up to 76”. Installation is permanent. And our awnings are available in many of today’s most popular colors.

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Fabric Awnings

Fabric awnings make a bold design statement, with an appealing variety of colorful colors and prints. And coordinating fabric door and window options is as pretty as it is practical. Fabric awnings protect your inside treasures against fading and damage from harsh sunlight and keep your home cooler and more comfortable. Fabric is ideal for homes that can’t accommodate aluminum awning installation. Whether stationary or retractable, for door or window, fabric awnings add real market value to any home.

Stationary Fabric Awnings

Our fabric awnings and door canopies are available in several styles designed to fit nearly any application. Whether you want to make a dramatic design statement or simply enhance and accent to your home's exterior, you can choose from more than 100 beautiful fabric patterns we have available.

Our awnings are available in several styles to fit nearly any application. Like most fabric awnings, they are not designed for use in snow. They are easy to remove and store for winter, and quickly re-attach in the spring.

Traditional Window Awning

Before the invention of air conditioning, fabric window awnings adorned homes throughout the world providing natural cooling and light control. These awnings are still popular today for the same reasons. Take comfort in the knowledge that you are "Going Green" with these 100% American made awnings.

Casement Window Awning

Casement Window Awnings have all of the same features and benefits of Traditional Window Awnings but are customized to fit casement style windows (out-swinging windows).
Protects windows and furnishings from direct rays of sun
Available in 100+ long lasting solution-dyed acrylic fabric patterns and colors
Helps to reduce summer cooling costs
Adds beauty and value to your home
Bronze finish framework will never rust
Easy to remove for winter storage (not designed for snow loads or commercial applications)

Retractable Fabric Awnings

Our retractable awnings add fun, fashion and function to your home exterior. Self-supporting retractable awnings let you enjoy the view unobstructed since no poles or supports are visible. And they will keep your deck, patio or pergola area up to 20% cooler. Looking for long-lasting quality? Look no further.
Powdered coated frame in your choice of white, almond, bronze, sand or black/brown
Welded acrylic seams for increased strength and performance
Custom widths up to 26” in 1” increments
Optional drop screen
7-Pin adjustable shoulder
200-plus colors
Standard duty wrapped front bar
Projections of 5’ – 9”, 6’ – 11”, 8’ – 6”, 10’ – 2” or 11’-8”

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